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Beef and Orzo Tajine - 2 Different Ways

Tender boneless veal meat cubes and favorful orzo braised with fragrant spices. This baked tajine is as delicious as it is easy to make. It's sure to go down a treat with all family.

We rounded up these 2 recipes for you to pick your favorite or maybe to inspire you to create your own special recipe.

1- Sara el Refaai (Kitchen Keys) 

Sara used pickled lemon to give the dish an extra pop of flavor. And if you're a spicy food lover you'll appreciate the kick of the chili pepper.


2- Omar Shabrawy (Omarsfood) 

Omar made a more basic recipe with a tomato based sauce and a lot of meat stock.


Comment which one did you like the most? and share your special recipe too!

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