Moomoo’s is Emkay Foods' consumer facing brand that brings great quality meat and food ingredients to Egyptian homes with flexibility, ease, and convenience.

Emkay Foods (our parent company) is a B2B foodservice provider that supplies some of Egypt’s top hotels, restaurants, and specialty grocery stores with high quality food products and ingredients.

Our business is built on forging and nurturing strong long-term relationships with reputable food producers from all over the world, and our promise is to offer our customers a reliable service and deliver them high value products that are consistent in both taste and quality.

Our decades-spanning partnerships with global food producers have been key to maintaining the high-quality standards of our products and keeping our customer base in Egypt happy.

This online store was created to bring Moomoo’s quality products to your home.

Every great recipe needs great ingredients, and Moomoo’s main mission is to bring great quality meat and food ingredients to your home with flexibility, ease, and convenience.

The wide range of products offers you the flexibility of choice from whole muscle and tender prime cuts to marinated and ready-to-cook family favorites. Our online store and call center are designed to make the ordering process as quick and easy as possible, and we’re making our products available on different online grocery platforms and at specialty grocery stores close to you for convenience.

Our Promise


We work with food producers whose understanding and passion for quality is aligned with ours. Most of our partners have been in the food and meat production industry for decades, following stringent quality control and food safety protocols that have been developed and redeveloped for


Our product portfolio is designed around optimizing our customers’ cost while exceeding their quality expectations. We know it doesn’t have to come costly to eat well, and part of our mission is making good quality food accessible with more ease and convenience.


Supplying top hotels and restaurants taught us that sourcing quality meat and food ingredients is only half the job done, it is doing it over, and over, and over again, that really marks the job complete. Consistency is a promise we extend to our customers, and we are excited to offer you food ingredients you can rely on at the comfort of your home.