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3 Classic Meat Cubes Recipes.

Do you have a pack of meat cubes and wondering what to do with it? You're lucky because we've rounded up the best 4 meat cubes recipes you could find.

There's nothing better than our traditional tajines and stews with twists that will go perfect with your everyday cravings.

1- Bamia Tajine with Meat

Bamia is such a hearty stew that is better served with rice and salad. It's usually cooked with meat in a tomato based sauce that makes it realy simple to make.


2- Fasolia Tajine with Meat

Fasolia is one of the most classic Egyptian dishes, it is known to be an easy everyday dish that is full of nutritions and flavor.



3- Kebab Hala with Pomegranate Molasses

This recipe will take your beef stew to a next level! It's zesty, tangy and beautifully seasoned.



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