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Ribeye Steak

Summer may be over but our offers are just beginning! Enjoy up to 30% off and savor our steaks in the cozy comfort of your home.

Clean, high quality meat cuts at the best possible value

How we source our meat

South African Angus Veal

Egyptian Baladi

Dutch Milk-Fed Veal

Grass-Fed Beef

Australian Grain-Fed Beef

Angus Choice

Whole Muscle Cuts

Hear it from others:

"I really want to thank you for the quality and taste of your meat and ready to cook products. They are amazing and hope you keep up the amazing quality. I really enjoy dealing with you, thanks!"

Customer on Instagram

"اللحمة خطيرة والسعر خطير"

Sara from Kitchen Keys on Instagram

"We had the lamb chops last week on the bbq and oh my goodness they were delicious. So juicy and tender and full of flavor."

Customer on Instagram

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