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4 Minced Meat Recipes To Impress Your Friends

Minced meat is always a cooking winner, it's fast and very versatile. With everything from Burgers to Meatballs, Moussaka to Orzo, you'll find some hearty inspirations in this collection of the best minced meat recipes.

1- Moussaka with Minced Meat

This is Sara's special recipe loaded with nuts, minced raisins, butter and of course deep dried eggplants and pepper!


2- Minced Meat Orzo

This mouth-watering orzo recipe takes less than an hour to whip up from start to finish and it's definitely worth every minute.


3- Swedish Meatballs

These meatballs always come out deliciously flavorful, never dry and amazingly tender.


4- Creamy Artichoke

These stuffed artichokes with a juicy minced meat filling are compact yet full of flavor; they're super easy to make and perfect for a midweek meal.


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